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Hey guys,

I'm an esl teacher in China. I've just been given a 1-2 class, scheduled for twice a week, with two 12yo twin girls. Has anyone had the experience of teaching twins before? I'm struggling with how to approach the classroom environment. They seem to use a lot of 'secret language' and facial expressions to communicate - and although it's interesting to observe, it's seemingly hard to communicate with them. Often my questions for them will go unanswered, and as it is a conversation class, the point of attending is quickly becoming mute. Any ideas to get them to open up, or ways I should engage them? Separately or as a team? They seem to have slightly different personalities, and interests, but I'm still having trouble getting through to them.

A massive cheers in advance!
9 years ago
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Hi Fraser, I use to have the same situation with siblings. I would recommend doing some kind of speaking game, there are some nice ones like; playing taboo, ( giving a card to one child while she has to mime it the other has to guess what her card says/picture is.) , another game for in between is the alphabet game, (you write all letters on the board, while you give a topic and call out a letter the Ss who says a word beginning with the letter first gets a point), this works well with siblings of all ages.

Just try to make some kind of communicating fun and then you will break the ice. Of course they may still have there "secret" langauge but it would ease up the atmosphere a bit.
Hope this helps some :)

Regards Michele
9 years ago
I'm currently teaching twin girls at the age of yours and I really enjoy it. As Michele has just pointed out try to make speaking fun, there are lots of games developin speaking skills- guessing games are great but your students may seem to know too much about each other and then it's difficult to promote real conversation class- when they're answering your questions ask them to provide some false info and later they should be guessing what was false, or assign them some roles- one is for something, the other is against. You can play a secret word game which alsways works- Ss write down 3 secret words(any that come to their minds) and then ask them to tell a story with the use of them- later the other student is guessing the secret words.

Good luck

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