7 years ago
Who could help me? I'm preparing different PPTs that I'd like to upload but there is a snag: when I insert a sound in a slide, it works but as soon as I insert another one in the next slide, the previous one stops working (and the process keeps repeating) ! I probably do something wrong but I don't know what! It's a real headache and I'm completely stuck in my progress. Thanks for your advice.


P.S. So far, I only have sound left in the last slide of each PPT.
7 years ago
Hello Nadouchka,
I'm sorry I cannot really help you :-(( I don't understand why the sound you've inserted in a previous slide disappears.....But I've found a nice tutorial for PPTs, & copied the help with the sound pages :
I hope it can useful....
Bonnes vacances! ;-)))
7 years ago
reply to liette's post #2
Merci beaucoup pour l'info. Je verrai ce que je peux en tirer et bonnes vacances également (demain après l'oral de rattrapage du bac pour moi).

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