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Here's 5 Tips for Better and Faster Learning of English pronunciation:

1. Visualization - One of the most powerful learning tools you can use is visualization. This technique
virtually engraves pictures of what you are studying into your brain.
2. Determination - Set your goals! If you don’t have a clear goal in your studies, it may be difficult to maintain
3. Sing it - If you have some especially boring stuff to learn and there is no way around it, use the old-school
method of singing it!
4. Use sticky notes - Want to remember new vocabulary items or lengthy definitions? Write them down on
sticky notes and post them everywhere around the house, where you are most likely to see them.
5. Organize - It’s not as difficult it may sound and it doesn’t mean you should use flashy notebooks and
hundreds of different color markers. Organization means – planning your time.

If you want to learn American English pronunciation on this way, then you are more then free to try Saundz
application on: http://saundz.com

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