7 years ago
Is it just me?
Or does me sharing many wkshts with 900+ downloads - but only generating a measly 50 Thank yous. This doesn't seem right.
I think I'm gonna quit this site as there are too many FREELOADERS...take,take,take. Cannot even say thanks.
I will move to ESL printables instead as you can only download 1 worksheet for every one of your upoads that is downloaded by another member. Give & Take!!

Any thoughts from the lurkers and freeloaders....can you get creative and start contributing too!?
7 years ago
reply to StJohnsELC's post #1
thanks all the time .stay with us please
7 years ago
reply to StJohnsELC's post #1
Let me answer about myself. Yes, I do lots of downloads to see things properly, I don't know other way. If I'm interested I keep it so I tick "like" and " thank you" Not interesting work I do nothing. This is my way. I don't know about the others. Thank you for your time.
7 years ago
Can I take a look before downloading the worksheets? Although I do not want to download some papers, I copy them because I cannot have a look. can you help me?
7 years ago

I am sorry if I don´t thanks enough - so thanks thanks thanks, millions of thanks and please carry on with this wonderful SITIO. It is wonderful and I use it a lot.
7 years ago
reply to nrysml's post #4

Hello Every one!

I agree, I think many of us download ws because we don't have a preview of them.
If we had a perview we could decide if we should download it or not.
An about the "thank you" notes, I really don't think we are deceiving anyone; I have many downloads of my ws but I don't receive as many "thanks"; nevertheless I'm happy because I know, my job is being useful for a student somewhoere on the other side of the world :)

Greetings to everybody and many, many, many thanks :)

7 years ago
Hello all! Just like nrysml , I think the preview is important..... As for the "thank you " notes, I do think they are important, too. I just do not mind the number of downloads, I do care about exchanging with colleagues from all over the world,...whatever the "points " they got. That's why I quitted ESL Printables...( You see, StjohnsELC .., we ALL have different experiences, don't we ? ) But I do understand we are all different, & expect different " rewards..." I do disagree with the previous comment, from shernandezm18, but I think we can .. " both " be...right! I do care about the comments, not about the number of downloads....Some people think just the opposite - so what ??? It's not a problem with me ;-))) We're ALL helping one another - no matter who we are! That's what's great about this dear site. I'll never be able to thank people enough - HERE - for their work & sharing spirit! I - just - feel a bit ashamed of not being able to upload these days.... ( But, we all have our ups & downs - don't we ??? ) I do hope I will be exchanging ws again, & I thank people who do ! They're helping me so much!!! In my mind, a "thank you" comment is worth a thousand downloads, but it IS personal. I understand other views. I do hope I'll get some free time to answer Peter & team's feedback mail - & I wish you all a happy teaching, & a useful use of this wonderful site - for YOUR students - not for your ego....... Kind regards, Sylvie
7 years ago
reply to shernandezm18's post #6
I agree with your words. We should have a way to see the ws properly without downloading it. I have to download a lot just because I like to see the whole ws. If I like it I keep it and click like and Thank you to the respective teacher.
Thanks, Good luck
7 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #8
Since we're getting more and more posts about a larger preview, we'll do this on Monday for you.
7 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #9
It's about time, because it will save much time to all of us. Thank you so much.

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