7 years ago


Why do I have to look at naked women when I share or download good ideas for my students?
Can your site live without those pictures?

If not, it's a real pity!!!

7 years ago
reply to jolimuse's post #1

Hi Jolimuse, if you see naked women on iSLCollective, your computer must be virus-infected. Please run a scan on your computer. Bless up, Peter

7 years ago
This phenomenon does not happen to me. I demand to see naked women as well when I access iSLcollective! It's not fair. Have a nice Sunday all!
7 years ago
Hahaha..well Philip... it's not fair for us, women, either! I demand to see naked men....! A user from Australia also told me about this naked women issue and I couldn't believe it! It could be a problem since I know that some users of this site are students....

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