9 years ago
Hi all,

I am teaching English in HK. My student is a 11-year-old who is very weak in English. He has very poor writng skills and lacks vocabulary knowledge. His learning motivation is low. I give him 1 to 1 lessons once a week. How can I help him develop writing skills ? Could you please give me some ideas?
9 years ago
Hi, cty1221
I had the experience as yours , It is about how to teach the writing . At first , I don't know what I will do to teach writing but I got the solution to motivate my students to write . I use the animation vidio from you tube 'the stages are ;
  1. I show them some pictures ( the animation picture ). relating to the vocabulary that I will introduce them , because of the funny pictures .They are easily to memorize them.
  2. next ,I ask them to try guessing the pictures . Some are eager to answer them. Then ,I ask them to arrange the jumble words into the correct words
  3. after learning the vocabulary confidently , I show the clip of story that the sudents have known well and ever listened on it ,or read it. ( the sleeping beauty princess etc )
  4. The sudents may write using the bad grammatical but step-by step , They will be able to write the story well . The key is beginning the easiest thing , the enyoyfull media , the autentic media . Have a try !

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