9 years ago
Hi everyone! I have just found the site www.teflconnect.com,which is a social network site for TEFL teachers.I think it is a great idea to be in touch with other teachers from all around the world.I am already a member!:) Maybe you want to try it too.Have a nice day!!
2 years ago

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2 years ago

I have a suggestion for the website, i think adding a chat box or chat window to the front page would be great, the site has plenty of visitors and activity but options for users to interact arent that great, forum is kinda dead but the chat box is visible, easy to use, i dont see any downsides to it.

I wanted to start a new topic about this but i cant its bugged, i can only see the title and tags fields, so im writing this here, its the closest topic to my suggestion.

2 years ago

I have an opinion for a website, I assume including a chat box or chat window to the front page would be better, the site has a lot of visitors and services but the options for users to talk to each other are not great , forum not good but chat box appears, easy to use, I do not see any downsides to it. They had omnipapers now, so you can see it.

1 year ago

I know a couple of TEFL teachers that uses that Social Media and they are giving a great feedback on it. www.tacomawaseptic.com

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