10 years ago
Dear all,

Yes, we have got some technological issues with our site. The problem is that our former server hosts, and unfortunately our current server host is unreliable. In many occasions you are not able to reach the site at all, and even uploading is a "mission imposible".

For two weeks, our coder, Bence is trying to put the site to a new server, but it is not possible because of a few technological issues. We must change the way our uploading method is working. We hope we will be ready until the end of this week.

Thanks for your patience!

10 years ago
reply to laszload's post #1
Almost finished. We created a new preview generation method, which will allow us to move from a low-performing server host, like the current one, to a high performing one in, practically, no time. In addition, you should no longer encounter problems when uploading worksheets.

We also managed to select another server host, which seems very fast, so I hope it's a matter of days that we can welcome you again on a usable site.

I apologize for the poor access you've seen in the past two weeks. Thank you for your patience, and please stick with us in the future.

Bless up,

10 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Thank you very much fro eerything! Your help has been great :)
10 years ago
Dear Colleagues,

After two weeks of work, we have finally been able to move to a new server host.

At the same time, we've also slightly changed the preview generation method to make it more reliable.

There's a few subsections still under construction, e.g. the Members page.

In our home country, Hungary, the site loads in about one second, which is the fastest we've ever been. I'm quite thrilled with that.

We would be happy to get some feedback from you about how fast the site loads in your country.

Bless up,


10 years ago
Wow! It's amazingly fast now comparing with the previous "speed". Last week I attempted to upload one of my worksheets and I couldn't because it was taking such a long time. Now it's much, much better! Thank you! Hugs from Poland! :)
10 years ago
It's faster than ever and no more blank pages or failing to log in anymore. Thnx a lot Peter and all the others who are working so hard to make this website what it is today.

Keep it up!

Greetings from Japan

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