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Hello everyone! I really need some help with concept questions for adverbial clauses of purpose and reason, to make the difference between the two types as clear as possible

any ideas?? really greatful for any input :)
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The different connecting words will help make it more clear:

purpose clauses - in order to, so that, in order that

These clauses are used to indicate the purpose of an action. eg: They had to take some of his land so that they could extend the churchyard.

reason clauses - because, since, as, given

These clauses are used to indicate the reason for something. eg: I couldn't feel anger against him because I liked him too much.


In order that there are no further broken windows, playing cricket has been banned near the building.

He had to remove the whole side panel of the car door in order to fix the window winding mechanism.

He repacked his suitcase so that he could fit more in it.

She told him that the movie started at seven, instead of 7:15 because he usually arrived late.

She got home late because the bus broke down.

Since she had been invited to the wedding, she decided to buy a new dress.

Given his tendency to be late, she told him the movie started at 7 o’clock, even though the actual start time was 7:15.

As I have an appointment on Friday, I won’t be able to meet you for coffee.

As he was not there, I spoke to his brother.

Since I won’t be going camping this weekend, I let my brother use my tent.

10 years ago
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Thank you Apodo :)

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