10 years ago
I've just read on ESL p. about the new Spanish site. How can I upload Spanish worksheets?

10 years ago
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Hi Zailda, just go to es.islcollective.com. Uploading works the same way as here. Peter
10 years ago
Hola, espero que podamos cambiando muchas ideas en este sitio.
10 years ago
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Maestrosaulo, yo tambi
10 years ago
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Dear Spanish Teaching Colleagues,

I'm glad to announce that after months' of work, we have launched iSLCollective Espanol, the Spanish version of our sharing platform.

You can access it at http://es.islcollective.com, or clicking on the Spanish flag on the top of the page.

My special thanks go out to our two Spanish admins, Nelly Hogland (Nellicita: http://es.islcollective.com/mypage?id=6119) and Ioana Carmen (Ioli6: http://es.islcollective.com/mypage?id=9839). They have been instrumental in translating much of the English site into Spanish.

The site is almost empty. Now it's up to you to fill it with content.

I believe this Spanish site is quite a unique platform, and I hope it will provided some much needed resources for Spanish teachers who had not had access to a lot of free teaching resources on the net before.

Enjoy swapping materials!

Bless up,


10 years ago
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I've just found the Spanish flag, thanks!

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