9 years ago
A big thank you to the Moderators and all the hard-working contributors, and also to the people who take the time to leave a thank you comment. This is the best ESL teachers' website! I came for the worksheets, but I stay for the sense of community. I have found great penpals for some of my students and made a beautiful new friend (am I allowed to say that Jan66 ?). A big hi to all the other aussies out there :-)
6 years ago
Less and less 'thank you' with the new system, :(
6 years ago

You are right, morewk. Only a 10% of the downloaders (a 1% for the ppts) say "thank you" and, mostly, they are other uploaders. And sometimes it's even worse: instead of receiving a warm comment, we are sent a reproval.
How could many downloaders who don't read the forum comments realise that we have a private mail for asking or correcting? Perhaps this is another improvement for the site.
I think that saying "thank you" should be part of the downloading process -as the 160 characters when we upload-.
I hope you don't think I'm annoyed. I love sharing.
6 years ago
I don't think mandatory thank yous are necessary. By the way, nothing is better than a personal comment because the Thank You button doesn't say much and I find it tiresome to go over all of them in order to find real comments. Would it be possible to separate Thank Yous with personalised comments and view them only? Without real human input I find them unneccesary to read.
5 years ago
reply to PhilipR's post #4
I agree with you.
5 years ago
reply to mamartins's post #5
I think saying thank you is a common courtesy in everyday life. If we receive a “gift” we naturally say thank you. Why shouldn’t we at least say a simple Thanks when we download a worksheet? Right now, when we push the Thank You button we need to type Thank you or write a simple note. It no longer says Thank You with the push of a button. Maybe the former system was easier for most people to send their Thanks.

I LOVE islcollective. Jann
5 years ago
I totally agree, Jann. The former system was easier. And I completely agrre, Philip: Thanks yous and comments separately, please!
5 years ago
I agree with morewk's solution. The former system of thank you and comments separately.
5 years ago
reply to rmartinandres's post #8
“Thank you” and “likes” are always welcome. I agree with Philip that the ones with comments are really appreciated. Perhaps people who download, but have never uploaded, don’t fully realize how much effort goes into making some of them. Some take a few hours, some a few days in our free time, some are only possible because there is a lifetime of experience behind their production. Don’t get me wrong!! I am quite happy with people downloading and not uploading. Many second language English teachers out there do not have a perfect knowledge of the English language but are trying their best to better their own knowledge and that of their students. If my, or your, worksheets help them to do that, then I believe we have achieved our goal. Suggestion: When you take down the ‘ Multiple select in Vocabulary items in UPLOAD​’ notice, why not put a few lines explaining why a ‘thank you’ or ‘comment’ is appreciated by the authors. Believe me receiving “Hello! How clear and simple! thanks!!!! From Sidre or “Awesome worksheet. Domo arigatou!! “ from SaminJapan the other day, really warmed my heart.
5 years ago
reply to lesleymisano's post #9
Thats right. Members can no longer send thank you notes by the click of a button. When they click the thank you button, they can type their own personal message. I agree with Philip that if you make thank yous compulsory it takes away the whole point. I think the only solution could be to make members more aware of the importance of giving feedback. I think we should pop up a message about it at certain intervals to members who download. What do you think? How can it be done best? Peter
5 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #10
The former way was much better. Thank you for your patience.

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