9 years ago
Dear All, just popped in to wish everyone a great weekend!!! I'm off to work...(don't you just envy me?!?!? LOL!!!) But just wanted to say what a pleasure it is for me to be part of this wonderful sharing community! I thank the creators of this site, for their interest in providing teachers from all over the world with a place you can come and choose from the wonderful materials here, to make our jobs a whole lot easier!!! Actually I logged in this morning to download what I need for my class today, it's just so good to know whatever I need is just a click away! Thanks Peter, Adam & Princz!!!
9 years ago
aru aru
reply to Mar0919's post #1
hi....having a busy weekend...very anxiously and with devotion made a story writing worksheet....but facing some problem as a matter of fact its the network ....
9 years ago
reply to aru's post #2
Hi, Aru! I'll be looking forward to your worksheet! Are you having problems uploading it? Why don't you contact Peter or someone from the admin??? Hopefully they can help you solve the problem.


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