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Hi everybody, i came across this webside a while ago and really like it! Thanks to all contributors. I am a new English teacher from Turkey and i'm gonna teach English to Italian kindergarten children . I really don't know where to start and not sure about what to teach. Could you help me about this, perhaps suggesting a guiding book or webside. Thank you in advance.
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Hello chihiro! I'm teaching Spanish kindergarten children and I've started with numbers and colours (very slow and repetitive) I'm now with animals (pets and farm). I hope you have found useful my proposals. Good luck!
1 decade ago
Thank you so much patri91.
1 decade ago
Hi everybody, I just found a website to help teach kids how to read.www.starfall.com, its free and interactive and the stories are funny. Hope you enjoy it
1 decade ago
aru aru
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thanx dear its really going to be helpfull
1 decade ago
Some kindergartens in Spain use the Mac Millan Cheeky Monkey books.
1 decade ago
You can use Brown Bear What can you see? (Bill Martin) to teach can, animals and colours. You can use the Hungry Caterpillar to teach fruit, foods, numbers, insects, the butterfly life cycle.

Look for related songs and chants (with actions) on you tube

e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjh8B6vHKAk.

e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcW9Ct000yY

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Thank you dear Margaret!
1 decade ago
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This site has been boycotted by many teachers. It's owner has been on a 2nd charge of pedophila. Try a Google search: 'sparklebox pedophile' and make up your own mind.
1 decade ago
1 decade ago
It is horrible:(
1 decade ago
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I am extremely sorry I have offended so many people. Please accept my sincere apology. I had no idea this site was run by such a nasty person. From my fleeting glance through some of the pages it appeared very good. I suppose it just goes to show how wrong one can be! Might I just say that I am extremely surprised at the tone of some of the replies I received. Politeness costs nothing and I would expect no less from my fellow profesionals. Lets be nice to one another - we do a tough job! Besos. :)
1 decade ago
Dear Marge,

I removed your original post in this thread, in which you posted an ESL link. No doubt that you posted the Sparklebox link in good spirit, unaware of the surrounding controversy. I hadn't known about the site's affiliation either, and I guess one would not naturally investigate whether the owner of a resource site is a convicted paedo or not.

Please do not feel under attack because of this thread. There's no one here to put any blame on you for the posting. I think the replies were just meant to raise awareness about Sparklebox, and were not directed at your person.

As for the site, iSLCollective is hereby joining the boycott of Sparklebox, and let me recommend to all our members to do the same, too. The reference to the site stays here to spread the word among teachers, but the link has been removed, because every embedded link raises a site's Google ranking a little bit, giving it more visibility, which we don't want to do.

In closing, I think there is some real benefit arising from this conversation, since at least your post drew attention to the boycott of Sparklebox, so the readers of this forum, including me, have learnt something.

Please keep posting ESL links in the forum. :)

Bless up,

1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #14
Thank you Peter for your kind and courteous reply. As you say, the fact that the owner of a site is a convicted paedophile is the furthest thing from my mind when I'm searching for material - mainly because my students are all adults; post grads or business people. I think I was searching for something like a new battery for my laptop when I literally 'stumbled-upon' Sparklebox.

I am glad that iSL Collective is joining the boycott. Would it be possible to have a list on your site of other such sites to boycott?

Thank you once again for your comments and also to the lovely young lady who sent me a note of encouragement to my inbox. It did feel for a moment I had been 'tarred with the same brush', and I'll tell you something, it didn't feel good!

Finally, thank you for the wonderful site. It is a fantastic place for us to share our work and help each other. Long may it continue. I have developed a worksheet based on the recruitment page from Apple's UK site - it has a wealth of adjectives of personality, not to mention other great vocab. I have sent it to Apple's legal people for approval (which I hope I will get as it is good publicity for them) and then I'll post it for others to use. Unless someone wants to boycott Apple - joking!

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