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Dear friends

Please, I need some tips on how I can help some students in fifth and sixth grade to speak more English. They are very timid and afraid to be wrong.

thank you very much
1 decade ago
If they are shy, you could use puppets they love it, their could create their own puppets and share their own stories.

Role plays using different outfits.

Music you can use their favorite songs and make comments about it, at the same time ttheir are practicing pronunciation, and if you have the lyrics they can look special vocabulary, grammar tences or sentences sturctures.
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You can also use pictures and ask them easy questions about them, like what people are wearing, what they look like, what they are doing,... If you can use a projector to show a series of photographs, you can practise grammar asking them to describe the characters's actions in the present continuous, past continuous, present perfect,... but also more unusual tenses like "going to", you only need to explain a clear context first: this is what I want to do on my holidays: [first picture, a girl skiing] I'm going to practise ski, etc.

You can also show two very similar pictures and ask them to spot the differences and describe them: in the first picture the girl has a basket in her left hand...
1 decade ago
A lot of exposure to the language and the creation of routines would be ideal. For example, starting the class with a song every day you meet. Also, I would advise speaking only English without using the mother tongue, if they don't understand, using gestures and/or demonstrations,

Children that age love pictures, music, hands on learning, so everything should be visual.

I wouldn't encourage role plays for the sixth graders since they are starting their adolescence and adolescents are very self conscious and do not like being put on the spot.
1 decade ago
LyricsTraining is an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills through the music videos and lyrics of your favorite songs.

Have a Look to this website:

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reply to ioli6's post #1
Hi. I think the social context and the atmosphere governing it can greatly influence the amount of participation. I mean creating a friendly and constructive atmosphere is the first thing and most important prerequisite. This can happen if at the early stages topics are more general and related to the world of emotions so that everybody can talk and through it the constructive atmosphere is maintained throughout. Good luck.

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It's a great advice!!!!
1 decade ago
The site is great thank you
1 decade ago
Lodas of thanks this is so intersting

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