9 years ago
Hi, everybody!!

I'm glad to be here. It's a great website for ESL teachers. Thanks for your contribution. My students are looking forward to have pen pals. Their ages are between 14-16.

I will appreciate if they manage to do so. Please let me know if you want to take part in such a project. Hope to gain your and your studens' support soon .

Hugs from Turkey...
9 years ago
I would be interested, but my students are 12-17, the most active are 13, Let me askthe 14-15 ones.This would be from Spain.
9 years ago
Hi! I'd like to find some people (I would prefer from Ireland) to exchange letters (trough e-mail) and some material (mail) with my 8-9 years old students. They're in their 3rd year of a bilingual programme. See you then!

9 years ago
Hello! My name is Carla and I am from Viseu - Portugal. My students from 7th grade would like to have pen pals to exchange letters. They decided to look for a different way to learn English and, at the same time, to help their friend who attends school from home due to health problems. There are about twenty-three students, mostly girls, and they are about twelve years old. I hope I can get someone to work with us :-)

Thank you!
9 years ago
reply to gunspouse's post #1
Hi gunspouse. It will be great that your students and mine can have a friendship. My name is Jhonnie and I have a group of high school students in PERU. They are learning English as foreign language. If you are interested, you can respond me, please.
9 years ago
reply to analara's post #2
Please check your inbox :)
9 years ago
reply to JHONNIE's post #5
Please check your inbox !! :)
9 years ago

This site is awesome that I have known recently and my students are looking forward to have pen pals, too. Their ages are same as yours. So how can I connect with you and your students?

I am from Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Our students are great, I think yours' too

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