9 years ago
i want to change my username because i have a different name in esl printables i 'm afraid to upload my works which are there and that it will be taken for stolen work how could i do
9 years ago
I'm in eslprintables, too. What I've done is: add in my profile that I'm here in a name and in elsprintables I use another. People usually recognize other people's ws, so your ws can't be stolen easily and you can be "defended" by other members of the site. Does it help? Gloria
9 years ago
reply to asmaesperance's post #1
You can also ask Peter for help!
9 years ago
reply to gloenglish's post #2
thanks a lot Gloria it does help
9 years ago
reply to asmaesperance's post #4
I agree, just keep your name, and indicate what your other user name is on Eslp.

9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #5
thank you for the help it's a great website and i'm proud to be one of its members I've done all the necessary changes thanks again
9 years ago
I cannot upload my worksheets. What's the problem? I salways ee message 'error'. =(
9 years ago
reply to seamaid's post #7
please send your ws to [email protected], we're going to analyze this.
9 years ago
Hello Dear,

Have any of you got flashcards with the parts of the body for the children at age 10/11? Next week i have a principal coming to my lesson, please help!! I will be grateful for any help. If you do have any please send these to my e-mail: [email protected] Thank you!!!
9 years ago
reply to miodzio's post #9

Which type of flash cards do you need?
Labelled or not?

Good luck for the visit.
9 years ago
reply to jamila's post #10
not labelled and thanks:) I need also some nice game, as this is a very energetic class and what is more, some kids have dyslexia along with reading problems, memorizing things,etc. so I have to vary activities for them. But one thing I'm little afraid of is that those kids (with dyslexia) are also very problematic with their behaviour. I've tried everything, but nothing works:/ I really like those kids and I want to help them but I'm afraid that they can ruin the lesson....maybe some of you have more experience with such kids and have some ideas how to manage them?

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