9 years ago
I wanted to upload a ws and the whole process seemed to be Ok, but the ws is still waiting to be shown after a few hours. Should I throw my computer away or take it easy? See you, Gloria
9 years ago
9 years ago
Just take it easy! :D The same has happened to me...
9 years ago
reply to gloenglish's post #1
thx for writing, we'll reboot the system as soon as possible. Your uploads are not lost, they'll show up when the glitch is fixed. Peter
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #4
Hello, Peter

I don't know if it's me, but this week it's very hard to log on the site. Whenever I can enter the page, everything is very sloww, or at least it seems to me. Are there any problems?

See you,

9 years ago
reply to gloenglish's post #5
Hi Gloria,

Yes, we have so many visitors that the site is breaking down under the burden. We're working on a temporary solution, but soon we will have to move on to a more powerful server, and buy bigger bandwidth. Once again, let me ask our dear users, please donate a few euros if you can to allow the site to be on a better server.
9 years ago

I must say that I really benefit from this site, and have been trying to upload the worksheets I create for my students. I think it is great that this site can be used free of charge, but I do think that the usefulness warrants some sort of sponsorship by its users. I will donate some money to help fund the new servers and increased bandwidth, but I think that it would be valuable for the site if there were some sort of download limit for users unless they donate a small amount of money. This is a community after all, and I don't think it is too much to ask the members to help take care of it in some way.

9 years ago
Hello, it's a good idea to donate money, but what if in my country I have no opportunity to donate. We just cannot do it, because our government does everything to prevent us from doing such things. We are not allowed to use pay-pal and so on. It would be a bit unfair for me and the members from my country.
9 years ago
reply to seamaid's post #8
what country is that>?
9 years ago
reply to sorinabulina's post #9
It's Belorussia. And seamaid it telling the truth. I was there this year and it's very hard to get foreign currency there.
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #6
We found a temporary technical solution, and the site is now working more reliably as before. We also made some tweaks in the preview boxes on the main page, so the "Worksheets being viewed" and "Most downloaded worksheets" load faster than previously. But please be prepared that there might still be times when the site will be offline due to server overload.

Good news: We got the first few donations, and we're very grateful to the donors! I hope that with the help of the community we will be able to put the site on a reliably fast server by Christmas, and cope with ever increasing visitor numbers.

Thank you,
9 years ago
reply to amadeusz78's post #7
As for introducing download limits and making downloaders pay, as suggested by amadeusz78, it would go against our mission with this website. Our core mission is providing free teaching materials ("open knowledge") in a way that Wikipedia provides everything created by the community for free. That is why we also firmly believe that donations should be voluntary, since some people are not in a place or position to make a donation.

As long as this site is running, we will provide all the teaching materials for free, because that's the way we can have the largest possible positive impact on schools and students the world over. I hope that the donations we will be getting until Christmas will be enough to help sustain us. If not, we will start thinking about other ways to make money for the site, e.g. starting to offer some other, so-called 'premium', services for a few dollars - services unrelated to teaching materials.

Thanks to everyone for caring
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #12
i'm an English teacher from Algeria. i would really donate to help sites like yours and that of victor unfortunately in our country we pay cash for any thing we buy. we don't have any cards like pay-pal or visa or ... that's why it's difficult for us to contribute
9 years ago
We've been informed that some of you got an error message while trying to donate: "The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number."

Here's two links that explains what the problem might be caused by:

9 years ago
I sent 2 WS, but they uploaded wrong. Why? I don't know how correct them. Please, can you help me? It's HE SHE IT FORM
Thanks !!
9 years ago
reply to conkoydia's post #15
Hi claudia,

Could you please send your documents to [email protected]?


9 years ago
I do my worksheets in publisher. How do I convert it to upload?
9 years ago
reply to eslonline's post #17
Hello. I'm not familiar with Publisher, but if you can, save it as doc or docx, because those are the two supported formats. If not possible, you might do a screenshot by hitting the "Printscreen" button. Then copypaste the image into a Word document or powerpoint slide.
9 years ago
I tried to upload a WS today and just before the upload was finalised I got the message "Fatal Error" and then nothing (well nothing that I understood). I will probably wait a while to try again. On a happier note, thank you for all that you people do for us, and I was very glad to make a donation. Sue-Ellen

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