9 years ago

Is there any possibility to post films: personal films made by 'Windows movie maker', 'Picasa'... the way we do

on Youtube & FB?

I find them easier & clearer than PowerPoint files.

9 years ago
Also, I have an other suggestion: :)

Why can't we edit a forum post?

It happens many times to make mistakes but there's no way to go back & rectify it :(
9 years ago
reply to jamila's post #1
Both the personal films and the forum edit possibility are great ideas.

As for the forum edit, We're thinking in terms of introducing a 5-minute window (time window) during which you could go back and edit, but then it would freeze. Freezing posts after all is important I think because then it's not possible to manipulate conversations retroactively, which could be important in certain situations.

Concerning videos, I've seen many teaching/learning videos on YouTube and it would be great to allow videos besides worksheet (document) uploads. We're working on a special addition to iSL right now in terms of allowed contribution types, and this option fits in well our direction where we're taking this site. So I second your idea.
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #3

I'm waiting for that! :)

I always edit films on my own computer, I hope I'll be able to share them with my colleagues allover the world.

For the 5-minute freezing window, I really appreciate that. You're right in order to forbidden any misuse.

Great job, Carry on! ^_^
8 years ago
Why are powerpoints not presented in landscape? I would suggest that landscape be used. Some of my powerpoints are so distorted, I have to make changes to them so that they appear okay on this site. Do you think that I could possibly get some sort of feedback?
8 years ago
reply to foose2's post #7
I totally agree with you, my PPT look awful too, but I don't want to make changes to them because I know they are OK once downloaded, but the presentation could deter people from downloading.
8 years ago
reply to jannabanna's post #8
Thank you for your great work.
I could find a lot of help on your site.
The children songs are really good.
All the best and thank you again.
8 years ago
reply to Energy's post #9
Check this site for poems
8 years ago
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