1 decade ago
You're also very welcome to shape the site development with your ideas. Let's have a conversation about possible new features to see which ones would be worth doing.

So what new functions would you like to see on the site?

(You can reply to this thread or start a new one.)

1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
I would like to write teacher blogs on our site:)
1 decade ago
I'd like to see a Search Box where you can search by Username.
1 decade ago
I'm sorry; I just discovered that the Members page has this functionality.

I hate the 'Time-out' though (don't like to get kicked out automatically). Would it be possible to stay logged-in or have username and password remembered by the site?
1 decade ago
reply to PhilipR's post #4
Yes, I totally agree with you. The timeout is pretty annoying. We had talked about it with Bence, our coder, but I will get on this issue again now. Thanks for the tip. Keep the good ideas flowing!
1 decade ago
reply to PhilipR's post #4
Hi Philip, we created a "remember me" function. We're testing it now. I hope people will find it useful.
1 decade ago
Why cant you check the worksheets without downloading them?

That might save a lot of time especially with a slow internet connection

I wish a happy new year for everyone :)
1 decade ago
reply to tututututututu's post #7
You actually can. If you go to a particular worksheet's page, click on the preview and it will load in a larger size.
1 decade ago
Would it be possible to see our uploaded worksheets in alphabetical order? Once you've uploaded a whole lot, it gets difficult to see what you have or haven't uploaded. This feature would help.
1 decade ago
reply to PhilipR's post #9
Hi PhilipR! Yes, it sounds doable if you think it's useful. We just recently iincluded three sorting options in MyPage/Uploaded: Most recent, Most downloaded, Top rated, although they are not fully functional yet. But I think we could add an alphabetical sorting, too.

I'll pass on the request to Bence, but can't yet make promises as for when he will have the time to code it. It's because we're coming out with iSLCollective Deutsch in a couple days which is keeping us busy.

Thx for the idea, keep them flowing.
1 decade ago
reply to PhilipR's post #9
Hi PhilipR! Bence has just finished coding the alphabetical sorting in the Uploaded Wss.

We find this function useful, thanks for the idea!
1 decade ago
Hey guys

First, you have a great site here - very clean and easy to navigate. Props to you all. Thank you.

How about 'favourite blogs' as well as (or instead of) 'favourite other-stuff-that-no-one-seems-to-include' on My Page? I mean, we are in the digital era, after all. (favourite YouTube vids, favourite websites, etc... no?)

Just sayin'...

1 decade ago
reply to bendominium's post #16
Hi Bendominium!

I agree, the MyPage items don't seem to prompt many to share personals. I'm for changing them. It's actually on our list of necessary changes. I'll take a note of your suggestions, thx.

If there's any other ideas, just post it here. I'm eager to hear more of these.
1 decade ago
Hi Everyone,

We're collecting new personals categories (questions) to be included in the MyPage/Info section.

If you'd like to see anything added, pls post it here.

My ideas are

"Name of my current school+city"

"Name of my former schools+city"

"Favorite ESL links"

"My website"

"Languages spoken"

"My education"

"1 amazing thing I've done/seen"

"Currently I'm into [a book, movie, hobby, city, etc.]"

Pls comment on which ones you think should be included, and feel free to recommend others.
1 decade ago
Hello, I think "Name of my current school+city," "Favorite ESL links" and "My website" should definitely be included.

As for existing ones, I don't like the "Favorite teachers' books" one.
1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #18
Hi there,

Yeah, good idea. I'd like to see some new features in MyPage, the current ones could be improved.

My suggestion is "I've been teaching English for XY years/months"

I love this site, looking forward to seeing the new developments and I'll spread the word both about the ESL and the DAF sections.
1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #18
Favorite ESL links would be most welcome. Cheers :) BTW, great site
1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #18
I can't seem to add anything to my info. I don't know how you all managed to put your photo on. It never gave me that option. Sheila
1 decade ago
reply to shemar's post #22
Go to My page.

Choose Settings.

Here you can add information and further down the page you can add a photo.

Good Luck!
10 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #1
I would like to find an "unsubscribe" button on your site. I can't find one anywhere, and I want to unsubscribe please! How do I do it?
10 years ago
Hi. We don't have an unsubscribe button. You would like to unsubscribe from what exactly? If you want your account d, I can do that for you manually.
10 years ago
sorry, "account removed" I meant to write
10 years ago
Hi! I'm new here and I was wondering if there is any way to a worksheet once you've uploaded it. The reason i ask is because I accidentaly uploaded a german worksheet on the english page and I can't find a way to coorect my mistake :(

10 years ago
reply to twistedlogic20's post #27

If you cgo to your wss page (simply click on the preview image) you'll see 'Author's option", inside you can modify what you want.

see you on the german version also:)

10 years ago
reply to laszload's post #28
thanx :D

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