9 years ago
How can we know if a user sends ws to other sites ??? I am sorry this may be a stupid question, but I have noticed this ws here : http://en.islcollective.com/worksheets/worksheet_page?id=9804
is uploaded today at ESLprintables : http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=618825#thetop
I sent a mail to Zmarques early this morning, but I got no answer ... Could it be that this person is using different names ? Or is her ws stolen ???
Do people say when they are uploading at various sites ???
Thank you for your answer,
Have a nice day!
9 years ago
PS : Sorry! I've have just read her profile, & she says she uploads at ESLP....! ( But today's ws's name is different ...!)It might be stolen, then ..???
9 years ago
reply to liette's post #2
I upload worksheets there too, i´ve got the same nickname but differente photo here; so the only way to discover it, is asking...but i recognize that is a little messy to guess if the person that uploads here is the same there, more if the names are not the same in both places; and to finish the second page you mention, the one in ESLP has been erased there, maybe accused of copying? no idea...
9 years ago
reply to Hrym's post #3
Thank you for your answer! I noticed too the ws has been erased.....BTW, I wanted to edit my first message, but I could not manage.... :-S

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