1 decade ago
I don't know how you're Chrismas preparations are going. As for me, I could get hold of all the presents I wanted in a final shopping rush in the last minute, so now I'm quite satisfied with myself. I think everyone's gonna like what they're getting from me. The only tricky part was getting a nice 1000 piece puzzle for a close relative, somehow all the pictures were either too childish or had too few details. So in the end, after checking out 7 or more stores in vain, I decided to improvise and bought a wicked massive bike lock instead. I figure it always comes handy, and when your lock weighs 3 kilos, you'll kinda feel invincible. :)

We wish every user of the iSLCollective a merry Christmas. Boldog Karacsonyt, as we say it in Hungarian. :)

Come back after your holidays, we're working on more cool features to add to your iSLCollective sharing experience.

Bless up,


1 decade ago
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I wish all the members of iSLCollective a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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1 decade ago
Merry Christmas Everyone!

1 decade ago
Merry merry Xmas!!!!

This is my xmas tree!
1 decade ago
The previous photo was a bit too big. :-)

1 decade ago
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Hello there!

A bit late, but i also want to wish a Merry Christmas to every members of the iSLCollective community and their loved members as well!

You have a very nice christmas tree Vikoca:)
1 decade ago

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