9 years ago
For the second time that this member ( az147852)has uploaded one of my ws. It is getting to be annoying and deliberate. Besides reporting is there another protocol for dealing with this matter?
9 years ago
reply to islandgirl's post #1
I cancelled the account. Did you notice all these Moroccon accounts created one after the other, starting with "az[numbers]"? I keep removing them but it is a very perseverant troll, whose motivation is beyond my imagination.
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
@ Peter!
Hope u're doing well! but why do specify only Moroccan accounts!!!!
9 years ago
reply to Mabdel's post #3
Hi. Please do not misunderstand me. It's nothing against Morocco. We simply happen to have a "troll" who indicates your country as his/her own, and has created about 20-30 accounts so far (with similar names starting with "az" then a number) and has sent infringing contributions by each of these accounts, which I have all removed.
9 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #4
I saw another account (new) earlier today. It started with the same prefix az. I hope you caught that one.
9 years ago
reply to islandgirl's post #5
Yes, I did. If you see a new account, pls report it and then I'll see it right away if I'm sitting in front of the computer. Thanks, Peter
8 years ago
Reported ws.
Hi all,
I've reported ws ( PPTs) 2 days ago - and I can see nothing happens - so far. Here is an example : http://en.islcollective.com/worksheets/worksheet_page?id=27894
I know running such a site is a lot of work - but I keep thinking frozing reported ws would be great.... not that people mind about points here - it's just a matter of "justice"...
I've been a member of ESLP for years, & I can notice stolen ws at a glance. I do think people should be honnest, that's why I report whenever I notice a ws I 've known for some time..........
Could something be done so that we do not have to point at thieves on the forum, but "freeze" the stolen contributions in some way ??? Sorry for bothering you again, Peter & Adam !!
I always copy & paste the link - in the reported section - & I think we all have to be careful about stolen contributions.
Just for the sake of ......... honesty.
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
reply to liette's post #7
Hi there, I deleted the wss. Yes, freezing wss would be great. Let's say after two or three "flaggings", it gets frozen until the admins can validate the infringement. I think we should avoid the possibility that malevolent people might flag wss alone, or for "fun". What do you think?
8 years ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #10
Hello. This stealing of wss is quite upsetting - particularly when they have been repeatedly reported- and not removed from the site- and then to top it all off- they become the Worksheet of the Day. That is when we post on the Forum. A daily check and removal would solve that problem. Google Images will bring the original right up. I have been writing many emails to other members these past 2 months about their stolen wss. I think it's the responsibility of the admins to detect and remove them in a more timely manner and on a regular basis.
8 years ago
I think that the matter of stolen wss is unavoidable. However it needs to be dealt with immediately (frozen) so that they don't become ws of the day and or the matter is taken to the forum. It seems that only when it is taken to the forum that it is acted on immediately. There are too many non-contributing members who are simply downloading wss for 'free',stealing wss to upload or harassing other members. New polices need to be put in place.
8 years ago
reply to islandgirl's post #12
Hi there,

We've implemented a new system to deal with infringing worksheets. We will "freeze" materials after two flaggings, meaning that the download button will disappear for worksheets that get two reports. In case infringement is validated, they will be removed.

We think that two reports are necessary to avoid potentially malevolent members from playing tricks on others by freezing valid contributions. Freezing worksheets will give us enough time to validate the source of the original, and act accordingly, and at the same time, avoid them to be downloaded by many. Whenever you report worksheets, please make sure to indicate the source of the original.

I hope you agree with the new system.

Bless up,
8 years ago
Hi Peter & All,
Thank you for your answers, & your hard work again! I think this new system is much better! ;-)))
Have a great day,
8 years ago
Dear All,

I have found a lot of wss made by islcollective members on http://chomikuj.pl. The problem is that to many users of that site stores their downloaded materials the way others can download them. I think this is against the rules of islcollective.com (if you chose that copyright). I don't know in which way can we protect ourselves. If someone has any idea, please let me know. :)

Susan (Zsuzsapszi)

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