9 years ago
I'm having a problem uploading PPTs today. Everything works as before but there is no image of my document and it's not on the new worksheet page. Is anyone having the same problem?
8 years ago
I'm having the same problem and I don't know who to write to to solve it. Can you help?

8 years ago
Hi, I've tried to up load a worksheet too and it's not working for me either. Haven't uploaded work to the site before so maybe I'm doing something wrong!
8 years ago

Same here, have tried to upload a document and it won't do it. Could it be because it is an excel document? Or what am I doing wrong?
8 years ago
reply to riahun's post #4
hi riahun! as far as I know, you can upload doc,docx or ppt files. Try to upload in one of these forms. Hope it will work!
8 years ago
Also, check the size of your document: right click (on the document icon) - properties - general (the tab at the top). Alternatively, just hold your mouse pointer over the document icon for a few seconds and a little box will pop up showing the size. It should be lower than 2.5 megabytes, otherwise it won't upload. The first time I tried to upload a document, it wouldn't upload because it was too big. Hope this helps. :)
8 years ago
I want to delete an uploaded document ? How can I do it?
8 years ago
reply to Pury's post #7
Open de document clicking on the title, then click on "edit" and choose "delete".
8 years ago
reply to zailda's post #8

Now , I have another problem. I have uploaded a worksheet with the alphabet but it is shown only the frame not the alphabet. Can you help me again?
8 years ago
Hi Pury. I just downloaded and viewed your document. It came out OK on my computer. Maybe it's just the preview that doesn't show the letters. Download it yourself and check it.
8 years ago
How can I uploaded a workshhet in flat positon (horizontally)
8 years ago
reply to Pury's post #11
Hi Pury,
I uploaded a 'landscape' wksheet just last week no problems. Just upload as normal and the software presents your work in its original landscape view. Good luck.

8 years ago
reply to StJohnsELC's post #12
I should add that when it appears on 'my page' it appears to be in portrait view. Actually when you go to view properly or download it it comes out in landscape.
7 years ago
hello my name is sydney46 and i uploaded some of my English worksheets in the French section .I don't know if someone can upload them in the English section or if i have to RE upload them .

I also wanted to know if it is possible to delete some worksheets i uploaded as I made mistakes when choosing them among my lessons.

I had a few message about the wrong section so I hope there is a solution
7 years ago
reply to sydney46's post #14
Hello sydney 46. As they are in the French section, the Frech users are the ones who can upload them. You have to reupload them in the English section. If you press the button "Edit your worksheet" you can delete or change your worksheets.

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