10 years ago
How can I contact the Islcollective team - without posting on the forum I mean ..? I tried the 'contact us' link - of course! - but it won't work........
Any ideas ???
Thx for your answer,
Stupid Sylv!
10 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Sorry, I probably received your email, but to be honest, I haven't had the energy to look at the support emails in a bunch of days. I think if it was a question about uploads or downloads, there's a good chance the community can answer it.

Bless up,
10 years ago
Not a question about uploads or downloads - I've just mailed Vanda. Thank you for your quick answer, Peter; mail to come ;-)))
9 years ago
I have a problem on the main page . I can't open and sign in it . I could enter the site when I changed the language . Is there any problem or ıts about my server .
9 years ago
First I want to congratulate you for this wonderful and useful page I really love it and helps me a lot. But I have a problem what can I do that you send to me the mails to another mail account , my hotmail account was hacked so I need to give you another mail, how can I do it?
Than you for your help

Diane T

9 years ago
Hi Diane,
If any problems, contact Peter, here :
( go down the page, click on the envelope, & send Peter a message..) I'm sure he will help you!
9 years ago
Ps : not DOWN the page - sorry! - but just UNDER Peter's photo ... ;-))
Hope it is helpful...
9 years ago
Hi, I'm an english teacher for Universidad Tecnológica en Mexico, we are a public university and I'm working on English brochures for our students because they can't afford books, we use this materials in classroom and in on line classes, my question is May I use your material for this books? How should I mention your exercises in order to not to brake any copyright law? Your response it's very important for me. Thank you
9 years ago

Hi there,

First, I would like to say thanks a lot to all of you who have downloaded my ppts.
I hope they are as useful as yours are for me. It's a pleasure to be part of this fantastic group of teachers who love their job. Thank you for your warm messages and for your contributions.

I have a question for the islcollective team:
I cannot find the ppts I have uploaded when I type ppt in the first search box, why? Greetings from Spain.

9 years ago
reply to Herber's post #9

My students like your PPT so much..

it's so useful..

thank you supeeerrr muchh.. ^^

greeting from Indonesia

9 years ago
reply to nindy's post #10

my studddents like them too. thank you all of you and the staff..

greetings from turkey

9 years ago

Hello Peter, Adam & team,

About PPTs, Herber is right ...There seems to be a problem with the search box...When we type "ppt", only a few appear, when there are so many wonderful ones here ;-))

A real shame people cannot discover his beautiful work - & maybe many others..;-))

Why is that so ? ( It's the same with mine - poor attempts...;-) - some are shown, others are not, though I always upload the same way..??

+ Nice new message box!! Thanks a lot for your work!


9 years ago

dear liette and herber, there is not a ppt option in material type search section. If you write 'ppt' in the key words section during uploading, i believe the problem will be solved and your ppts will come out. Hope this helps!

9 years ago

Hi Mobscene,

Thank you for helping! :-)))

Actually, I did! And I think Herber did the same .... If you check the PPT page using the "search box", you'll notice there are so few ppts.... As I explained before, I always do the same : I write ppt in the key words - & I guess Herber does the same, though I won't speak for him...

If your PPTS do appear, I'll - for sure! - check your nice work!

Thx again!

9 years ago
reply to liette's post #14

You are welcome:) Hmm, I typed 'food ppt-wish ppt and irregular verbs ppt' and my works appeared. I think we should be specific about what we search for and type the 'subject name + ppt' on the search area.This is my solution at least!:) Let me know if you discover another option:) Have a nice evening!

9 years ago

It seems to me that they appear only if the name contains abbreviation ppt. I think it would be wonderful to somehow separate wss from ppts and to be able to have a preview, so we don't have to download in order to see what they contain.

Thank you for your efforts and this great site.


9 years ago

Hi there Mariemarron & Mobscene,

Thanks again for helping! Maybe you're right, Mariemarron....Dear Mobscene,

I just tried " passive voice ppt" in the search box, and this one doesn't appear : http://en.islcollective.com/worksheets/worksheet_page?id=49418

So ..??

Maybe Mariemarron has the answer.......Hum! I don't know!! Not clever enough ;-))) But nice to exchange with Turkey & Spain!!!

Hope Peter & friends will help!

Sending hugs from France, dear friends


9 years ago
reply to mariemarron's post #16

You can use the search type field to search in the title and description of worksheets. Currently, there is no ppt search option. But let me get back to you with a longer answer a bit later this week.

9 years ago

Dear friends, I got it! When you upload a ppt file, write ppt in the title box. If your ppts are already uploaded, you can edit them and change the title in that way. So, just type ppt in the search type field and you will find all the works uploaded. You can complete the search with the other search boxes. Have a nice day and thanks for your help :)

9 years ago


Could anyone help me please? I did sth wrong ı think and ı can't download any files anymore.

9 years ago
Your page is very nice and helpful to me alot. I would like tocontribute. could you send me a bank account because i don't have a credit card.best regards.
9 years ago
There seems to be a problem when uploading. I just uploaded a worksheet titled: Fruit Deblockedion. When it was uploaded it had changed the spelling of deblockedion. I thought maybe it was my mistake, so I deleted the worksheet and did it again. The same thing happened again.
9 years ago
reply to jann's post #23
Hi Jann! I can see what the problem is. I notified our programmer, Balint about it! I'll let you know as soon as he fixed it. Peter
5 years ago

I have a serious problems with a bunch of downloads. All of them are infected with a virus! I can't e-mail them. What worries me most, however, is whether I accidentally infected my computer! Please, let me know what possible had caused it. As I find many of your worksheets valuable and very useful I wouldn't like to be forced to give up on the subscription.
5 years ago
reply to Trickymeg's post #25
Dear Colleague,

would you mind sending us the URL of the infected worksheets?
Thank you,
1 year ago

I would like to teminate my account - simone abouchar - canada - [email protected] Please send the confirmation or termination. Thanks

1 year ago

Today's worksheet is not being displayed - why is that? (Sept. 11. 2020)

1 year ago

I have been working with students on a video link provided by one of my schools and now access is denied. I need the grades for the students and still have three classes to give the quiz. Please advise. D. WEST

1 year ago

I tried to start a new thread, but couldn't. For some reason after signing in to my account, I can't view any of my uploads or creations. It says I have "zero" of everything. It's been awhile since I've been active on this website, so maybe that's the problem. When I search for my uploads, they still exist here on the site and my name is connected to the uploads, but I cannot us my account to go to the uploads directly (I have to use search). Additionally, I don't even remember what all I've uploaded. Is there any way to correct this situation? Any information would be helpful. Thanks! Mandik

1 year ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2

I checked this summer more than 8000 worksheets in the category "reading comprehension", spent about 100 hours working for the community isl and since I haved finished didn't get the slightest THANK YOU. I am really disappointed and won't work anymore as a volunteer.

11 months ago

Hello. I want to assign video lessons as homework but I cannot create a class (I cannot click at the bottom). How can I do it? Do I need special membership to assign homework?

11 months ago
11 months ago

Hello, is it possible to edit the title and description of an uploaded document?

or is it simpler to resubmit?


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