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5 years ago
Well, I wanted to share with you this nice website in which you can create awesome presentations for your students.
Go to
Check it and you will se how easy is using it. it is online but you can download your presentation and it is totally free!

5 years ago
Thank you very much for sharing this awesome resource! It's definitely going to be really useful to me and my students. Nice day :D
4 years ago
I'll teach simple present tense. I need a video for my presentation.Help me please
4 years ago
reply to spring45's post #3
Hi- Try this site-
4 years ago
reply to jolyhannah's post #1
Thank you very much
4 years ago
4 years ago
Help me please. How can I dowload PPT ws-s, presentations?
4 years ago

well.i used this was really brilliant.

4 years ago
thank you!
4 years ago
I have uploaded 123 ppts so far, but it is not possible to find any of them if you search by using the tab PROJECTABLES. However you can find them if you use the tab PRINTABLES. It's a pity because is difficult for those teachers who wants this type of resources to make a quick search. As other contributors told me, there is the same problem with their works. I hope it can be fixed. Thanks in advance.
4 years ago
reply to Herber's post #12
Dear Herber! I asked Balint to look at this bug tomorrow. We'll sort it our ASAP. Peter

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