8 years ago
Hi Folks!
In case any of you are looking for work from June16th till July 19th we are looking for teacher/monitors to work in the South of Spain. If you have native/advanced English, a Spanish social security number, a NIE/DNI. Please apply here:

[email protected]

The camps are right next to the beach and are bloody hard work!
Salary 1340 for the month. Free food, board and stress.
If you go, good luck!
8 years ago
reply to Spinney's post #1
Hi Spinney,
I'm Marta Comas, from Barcelona (Spain).
I saw your post in ISL Collective and I'm interested on working this summer in Sevilla.
I'm 36 years old, I'm English teacher here in Spain but right now I'm unemployed. I have been studing English in England and New Zealand because I got a scholarship from my government. I also worked in a summer camp in Strangford (Irland) with teenagers from Spain that they wanted to improve their English.
If you are interested on me you can contact in: [email protected] and I will attach my CV.
Looking forward
Marta Comas
8 years ago
reply to mcomix's post #2
Hi Marta!

Drop them a line at: [email protected]
They will do the rest.

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