8 years ago
I don't know how I can edit my profile. I want to change my name, as I'm a member of ESLprintables as "Sanndry", I had some problems when I uploaded some worksheets there, which I uploaded here some years ago.
8 years ago
Dear Dimmy,

iSL user names cannot be changed. I can delete your profile and then you can create another one with your preferred user name.

8 years ago
reply to Dimmy's post #1
In the space for Information about yourself at ESLPrintables, you can add a note that you also upload to this site and give the name that you use here so they will know it is the same person.
4 months ago

Dear Moderators,

First of all thanks for all the helpful teaching materials I could find on this site.

I didn't registered long ago but I've just got to know that another teacher has been using the same user name as mine. To make everything clear, I'd like to change my user name. I know it's only possible by deleting my profile but it's no problem for me.



3 months ago

Hello there! I'd like to change my username too. I'd like to start uploading content, but since changing the username is not possible, could you please delete this account for me? I'd like to create a new one. Thank you.

1 month ago

Hi! I'd also like to change my username. Could you delete my account to create a new one? Thanks a bunch!

2 weeks ago

I need to change my username. Please delete my account. Thank you :-)

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