8 years ago
Is anyone else having problems uploading today or it is just me?
8 years ago
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every thing is ok, do not worry! ;) the upload sometimes a little bit laggy :/
8 years ago
My name is Gesine, I've been a reader/user of this website for
a couple of weeks.

I have uploaded three or four worksheets so far, but I need to change
something with them. For example I have noticed that there are
accidentally some white fields instead of grey/black ones in the
crossword puzzle about sports in Russian language. And I uploaded two
crossword puzzles in Russian language in the English section by mistake.
How can I change this? Am I entitled to delete any worksheets that I
uploaded myself?

I'm looking forward to a helpful reply.

8 years ago
reply to Gesine's post #3
Hi- First the easy one.
Open the worksheet you want to delete. On the left-hand side under Download/Thank You/ is Edit your ws. Click on that. Scroll down almost to the bottom. Under Save there is a Delete button. Click on it and your ws is gone!

In order to correct or change a ws- first you have to open it in Word and made the changes there. Click on Save and then Close it. Back to iSLCollective. Again you open your ws. Click on Edit your ws- on the left. That opens up the original page you added all information about ws and uploaded it. You can edit this page too- but then you must click on Save. To resubmit your ws- go to the bottom of the page- find the ws in Word- open it- and then re-upload it. And that's that.

Hope it helps.
8 years ago
reply to kifissia's post #4
Thank you very much for your help. Yes, it worked. And from now on I will double-check before I upload new worksheets.

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