1 decade ago
You've probably realized, that we had some technical problems with our server. Pages loaded very slow, etc.It seems we have fixed this problem, and the site works properly again.
1 decade ago
reply to laszload's post #1
Dear All! It seems that some of you had problems with uploading. I'm happy to say that we changed the upload process with success. Hopefully, you will now not experience upload errors anymore. If you do, let me know about it at [email protected] Bless up, PEter
1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #2
Many thanks for your great work behind the scenes ^^. Just to report how things work at my end. The last two reading stories I uploaded, the system had uploaded them but without saving some data; like the level and type. So I would have to edit them through the Author's Option.

It's not a big problem to me as long as I'm able to upload by the second try but no more ^^.

Big thanks,

1 decade ago
reply to DedicatedTeacher's post #3
Dear Fatma,

Could you please send me the link of the ws where you lost some tags during the upload? I will get Bence to look at it.

Thx so much for the useful feedback,

1 decade ago
Dear All,

i feel, that "my page" could contain more personal infos. I mean i think it"s not important to know other"s interest in tv shows, but there could be some more interesting things about us.

Have you got some ideas?

Have you got some
1 decade ago
Can you also your own worksheet when you've made a mistake or forgot to add something?. Did I missed something?
1 decade ago
reply to Errie's post #6
Talking about forgetting something..hmm...one of those days. I meant to say if you can your own worksheet....pfff!
1 decade ago
reply to Errie's post #6
Hi Errie. Yes, you can erase worksheets or edit their information if you click on the Authors' options button on the worksheet's page.
1 decade ago
reply to Kisdobos's post #8
Thnx for responding so fast Kisdobos. I've removed the WS because I've found two small mistakes. I'm almost done adding the rest of it.

By the way....the word in my previous post does not appear in my screen. How did you know what I was trying to say?.
1 decade ago
reply to Errie's post #9
It's a funny coding thing. As our coder tells me, we have a protection against the 'd' word for 'erase' to prevent from hacking. So if a comment seems to be missing something, I know it was the word "delet*".
1 decade ago
Hi everybody!

I would like to share with you this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b56eAUCTLok

It's about the origins of job interviews.

Hope you like it.
1 decade ago
reply to ag23's post #11
very funny, indeed the comedy also builds on the predictable and the one sidedness of job interviews. I think I'm gonna use this in corporate classes, thx

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