1 decade ago
I did some observation in a school last year. The teacher there had wonderful posters that explained the proficiency levels in kid-friendly terms. It was something like "I understand but cannot express my ideas", "I can speak in simple sentences", "I can explain my ideas"- Something like that. I've googled and googled and searched here- Has anyone seen anything like this? I'd love to see it! Thank you so much!

Elementary ESOL Teacher, Georgia, USA
1 decade ago
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Did you mean something like this?

Greetings from Austria

teaching German as a Second Language
1 decade ago
Not at all what I was looking for- BUT awesome reasource that I'm definitely saving!! I might be able to pull some phrases from here. Thanks, Mecky!!
10 years ago
I've done the NASSEA step levels in student speak, but not sure how they correspond to other systems. I'll upload it here anyway.

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