8 years ago
I dropped my laptop midsummer, lost a bunch of stuff, which reminds me: Don't forget to backup your files in case your hard drive crashes. You can save the worksheets you download from islcollective.com @Dropbox. You get 2 GB for free. http://db.tt/UGG29Et
8 years ago
Hi Peter & All!
The same happened to me some time ago, & I tried Dropbox ....BUT .........it all went wrong because I think I'm using Internet Explorer ... Just to let you know! I had so many pbs with Dropbox that I do not want to hear about it any more !! "They" kept sending spam messages but my pb was never solved....
Mind you, I'm Not ...very good at handling these kinda things - if you get me right ;-))) But I agree with you : Better back up!!
I've put all my files on an extra hard drive - & I feel safe now!
I do think your warning us is really useful - you never think it COULD happen to you, do you ??
Have a great end of week,
8 years ago
There is another way- besides Dropbox (and similar ones) and an exterior hard drive. Both critically essential. And that is the Comodo Time Machine. Not sure if it will cover "dropping," but with any other serious computer problems Comodo will allow you to restore your computer to a point you have set. It works when your computer will turn on but not boot or when Windows systems restore won't function. I have used to thousands of times with an obviously problematic computer.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Very useful!! Thanks a lot for the links, Kifissa - maybe I'll be able to ...cope ....... one day! ;-))
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