1 decade ago
Hi there everybody!

I was thinking whether anyone can suggest good German sites (for teachers and students)? Please! I had lots of them, as well, as English sites, but my PC crashed and I lost everything. The English sites are easier to gather again, but the German ones are no that easier. I already know Lidukas "Lehrerzimmer" and already launched this question there (and also in ESL Printables), but I think it is not too much to launch it here, too.

It is very important to me, ´cause I ´m doing my masters on teaching languages (namely German) through Web 2.0 Technologies.

I really would appreciate all the help you could give me.

Thanks in advance to all members.

And a nice 25. April Holiday to all Portuguese members.

Kisses and Hugs, AJFC;)*
1 decade ago
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Hi, it's a couple weeks more and we're rolling out the German version of iSLCollective. I hope that will fill up fast with valuable teaching materials.

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