8 years ago
Hello All,
I'm tired : looooooooong teaching days, looooooooong commute.........;;Just like many of you, I guess. When I log in here, I expect real work from real teachers ...
I used to be a member of ESLP ..........& still I'm a friend ( I believe ) with Victor. I left because soooooooooo many people uploaded ws which weren't theirs......for points, maybe ???
When Peter started this 'new' site, I thought the point system was much better, ie : people would not need 'points' to download.. I used to think people - ie : mainly educators!!- would 'just ' share....
I have just logged in, & noticed - at least!!-more than 10 stolen ws.........esp from Alenka's site. I guess I should shut up- & I will very soon, do not worry.
I'm ...shocked : how can teachers/educators be cheating that much ????????? Today, I've noticed ws from Alenka's site - again! - & I feel so tired I'm not even going to report...I leave it to you.
If you ARE a teacher/ educator, & if you upload HERE ws which are not yours, I really feel sorry for you.
As I told you, I'm not going to report - useless!!
If - by any chance, anyone here knows the reason why someone will upload stolen ws, I'd be glad to know!!!!!!! ( not for points, here, surely not for points!!! Soooooooooooo, W-H-Y ?????????
Am I kinda autist ????
8 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
I totally agree with you but where and how does not change anything and and the same thing just goes on and on. Here is an extract from Francis Bacon which helps me to ease my dissappointment may be it will do the same for other honest hard working teachers and students alike.

It is a pleasure to stand upon a shore and to see ships tossed upon the sea;
It is a pleasure to stand in the window of a castle and to see a battle and adventures there of below; but no pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the superior ground of truth
(a hill not to be commanded and where the air is always clear and undisturbed) and to see the errors and wanderings and mists and upheavals in the valley.
8 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
i may be wrong about this but i thought the idea was to share ideas, (is that not why people post things in the first place?) so if you find something good on another website why not share it with other websites maybe you should ask for recognition for originator when posting then everyone is happy or not?
8 years ago
Dear Maker,
I really like the quote! ;-))
Dear Lesfountain,
I do agree with the sharing spirit, of course. Can't we just post a link :
if we find sthg interesting ?? ( Many people do that, thank God...) :-)
Have a nice weekend
8 years ago
reply to maker1's post #2
nice poetry but a bit subjective seeing as the "truth" does not exist.....just varying shades of it depending on perspective...ie, the Chinese communist party thinks it knows the truth, so do the Christians and the Muslims....................so "truth" is elusive and an extremely complex subject
8 years ago
Thanks for sharing your views with us - though I'm not sure I got the message ;-))) Dear Torredefullota, I agree with you : Truth is an extremely complex - & interesting!!- subject!
I DO NOT pretend I have it - I just wondered why many people used stolen ws, when they JUST needn't.
Here, YOU can share & download ws, even without uploading. That's what I meant. ;-)))
If you call ..........'moral standards' poetry, good for you. ;-)))
- ie : I was taught - & educated - in such a way that ........stealing seems to be a wrong thing - to my Christian eyes, ( my Muslim friends think the same, BTW.........)
8 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Hi, I just got home after a two day leave and just received only one ws report, which I removed. Please make a report if you see some other inappropriate uploads, and I'll remove them too.

We've had a new mechanism for months that removes the download button after two reports on the same worksheet, so it cannot be downloaded until we investigate the report (typically the same day). The more users we have, the quicker infringing wss will be reported, and the better the system will work.

I believe many of the uploads you mention arise from ignorance, not reading the upload rules. Most of the users that I've had to warn never upload others' materials again.

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