8 years ago
Hi fellow teachers,

I'm currently teaching an FCE class and one of the questions that popped up during a Use of English exercise was the difference between skilled and skillful.

The sentence was "I like taking snaps, but I am not very skilful."

Why doesn't "skilled" fit here?

8 years ago
reply to Sharwong's post #1
I think the two words are very similar and sometimes interchangeable like in the following example:
He is a skilled / skilful accountant ( here both words are correct, but the word skilled means having a lot of training, practice and experience; whereas the word skilful means expert at a particular job,but no necessarily because of training and experience)
So,we can say :
I need a skilled worker / carpenter
The factory is looking for skilled plumbers (who have got training and experience)
Besides, when the two words relate to humans, they are interchangeable.
When we refer to things,the word skilled can't be used:
A skilful job / work / game ....

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