8 years ago
Hi, everybody!
So, the problem is: my beginner students can't seem to memorize the wh- words. They know all of them, but they never remember their meanings (they always use 'when' instead of 'where', 'how' instead of 'who', and vice-versa, for example). Is there some effective way for them to memorize their correct use? It doesn't matter how many exercises I've already given them, they keep on using the words all wrong. Thanks in advance!
8 years ago
reply to Emmanuella's post #1
You can use some drawings.I'm sure they will help.Students will be able to make distinctions between the words and then memorize them easily.
For example:
For the word 'when' you write 'time' in front of it and you draw a clock.
For the word 'where' you write 'place' and you draw a house or school.
for the word 'who' you write 'person' and you draw a man.
You do the same with the other words.you can make a worksheet with big and clear drawings and examples of sentences.I think your students will love it and interact with it.for exceptions, you can deal with them in a separate sheet and always with drawings because drawings or visual aids in general facilitate the task of teaching and make students learn easily with no time consuming.Wish you all the best!!

8 years ago
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James, you just gave the best of ideas!! I haven't really thought about using images! I'll make a worksheet right away.
Thank you very much for the help! Have a great day!


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