8 years ago
Sorry if this message sounds 'personal', but I cannot get in touch with a member called Ica ( from Hungary ). As I do not always get a mail notice, I thought maybe she hasn't either...:-S ( So, from now on, I always check 'my inbox - even if I don't get a notice...esp. because we have started a few exchanges here ;-))

It's about a penpal exchange, & I have been expecting your answer for some time now ..Soooooo, if you read this dear Ica, could you check your inbox ? ( it's about the boys'exchange you 've mailed me about..) It's pretty urgent now ;-))
8 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Hi Liette,

do you mean you don't always get a notification of new in-mail?
8 years ago
Hi Peter,
Yes, that's what I mean........But it's not really a pb for me. ( I don't know why, but it has happened quite often : I discover I had mail - but got no notice. :-S Doesn't ALWAYS happen - but SOMETIMES.
I know it has happened to friends here too. ( You know : " Sorry I didn't answer your mail, but I got no notice..." kind of message.
8 years ago
( Sorry for writing on the Forum again! ... )
Just got a mail from Ica ( :-)))) - but got no notice of her mail.. Peter, I sent you a message ;-))
All's well that ends well ( Sh.......) ( my students would go : SH........akira!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ha! Ha!
As for the mail notification, maybe some colleagues could tell you if it doesn't work with them ???
8 years ago
Ica Ica
reply to liette's post #4
Hi Sylvie, I've sent you a mail to your private address. :-) :-)

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