1 decade ago

I've just uploaded a worksheet on the world cup but the display is really surprising.

I did my worksheet with "swriter" and saved is as a ".doc" document.

Can someone download my worksheet and tell me if it opens corresctly and if it can be used? Thanks a lot

1 decade ago
reply to henrik's post #1
Hello Henrik,

Thanks for uploading.

I tried to open it after downloading but my Word couldn't open it. I reckon this explains why a proper preview could not be generated for your worksheet.

I don' know what's wrong with the document, but if you figure out you can resubmit the file by clicking on Author's options on the worksheets' own page.

Bless up,

10 years ago
Has anybody else had problems browsing iSLcollective lately? For the last week or so I have been unable to surf the site because loading pages either takes forever or time out. Uploading worksheets doesn\'t work anymore either. For other sites, my connection remains pretty fast, but iSL seems to be experiencing some problems (here in Thailand at least).
10 years ago
reply to PhilipR's post #3
Me too, yesterday it was really, really slow.
10 years ago
reply to marecilla's post #4
Same here, it\'s quite slow.
10 years ago
reply to Amandina's post #5
Thanks for the feedback. After moving to the new server host, the site got faster but not it seems there are serious problems with the speediness of the site in several parts of the world. We are working on figuring out the source of the problem, and we also came up with some ideas about how to improve on the loading speeds.

We\'d appreciate some more feedback since that might bring in some valuable input about how you guys can access the site from various parts of the world.

Thank you for your patience.
10 years ago
I use to have the same problem and I\'m in Japan. The site was running very slow and often I couldn\'t even connect. BUT.... everything seems to be fine now. It\'s faster than ever. Thnx to all who have sorted out the problem!. Keep up the good work guys.
10 years ago
I\'ve got the same problem again lately. Pages load very slow and sometimes I can\'t even connect at all and when I\'m connected I can\'t login for whatever reason that may be. Now everything seems to be working fine again. I thought I would mentioned it because feedback is always good. I know you guys are working hard and can use the feedback to make this place even better than it already is.
10 years ago
reply to Errie's post #8
Thank you, Errie! it\'s definitely useful. We\'ve also been noticing this recently, and we\'re actually looking for a new server host right now. We just want to do some research before choosing because it seems it\'s hard to find a reliable yet affordable one.
10 years ago
Hi, I hv a question about my Word,... on March 5, 2011, I uploaded a word =Jobs= for level Beginner student type Elementary but It's displayed without my name as uploader so I checked my page,.. My upload is still 1,.. in fact I hv uploaded twice (Action and the jobs) How could it be happened????

One more thing,.. Why do I hv many difficulties in uploading?? When it was succeed, it is not displayed as mine,...

I just want to share out my words since I've got a lot of file and I know iSL has given me more,... this site is the best for me
10 years ago
reply to dahliaevasue's post #10
Hi, this is a new preview generation method we're using. It's possible there might be some bugs. If you could send me the file to [email protected], we'll take a look at it.

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