8 years ago
I have downloaded some ws that contains some errors which I want to correct before I hand them out to my pupils. The problem is that they are not editable, they look like pictures or what I would like to call "locked" objects.
Is there any way in Microsoft Word to edit ws where the texts appears to be non-editable?

Thanks for answering!
8 years ago
reply to ksfredriksen's post #1
You can position a word box over the offending word or phrase and quite literally cover up the mistakes.

It would be much better of course if everyone shared editable files.
8 years ago
The locked files are probably jpg picture files. It is possible to convert them to editable text with OCR applications - which are usually not free - such as Acrobat Pro.
Another way is to open them in a photo editing application such as iview (irfanview) which is free and erase the error. Hopefully you will be able to make the needed corrections.

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