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4 years ago
I have uploaded a worksheet, however unfortunately I have made a mistake in the title, is there anyway I can edit this
4 years ago
also is it possible to delet any of my uploads
4 years ago
reply to lorpor's post #2
click on your ws, you'll find "edit my ws" option there.

you can delete, than resubmit your ws.

4 years ago
thank you so much
4 years ago
4 years ago
reply to oumsalsabil's post #6
Uploads can be edited on the worksheet page, by logging in and clicking "Edit your ws"
4 years ago
well i use pictures in my worksheets...not pictures for commercial use of course ..but i wonder if i upload my worksheets n find myself sued for pictures i myself forgot how n where i found them...(i only remmeber that they were not for sale :)
4 years ago
reply to atifa's post #10
Dear Sirs! I fed your Piggy but got no confirmation. Is it OK? Taking into account my salary, sorry, my donation was quite OK, I guess. Did it reach the Piggy all right? Whenever I did my donatins before I got some confirmation
Best regards
4 years ago
reply to bossvalya's post #11
Thanks for helping! Adam is in charge of sending confirmations. He's on holiday, will be back tonight and will confirm you. Thank you for your patience. Bless up, Peter
4 years ago
reply to bossvalya's post #11

I've sent you a PM.


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