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4 years ago
Hi, I have a concern since I uploaded a worksheet and it doesn't show the preview picture of the image. Can anyone of you help me how to fix this issue?
I understand that after I upload a file, An information box appears at the top and the page refreshes; though it keeps on refreshing and no image appears.
4 years ago
reply to Kameza's post #1
Hi, upload problem has been fixed. The preview will now be displayed.
4 years ago
Hello, I think I have a problem with one of my worksheets I uploaded today. The preview is fine, but when I downloaded it (I always do to doble check that everything is OK) it has 8 cliparts missing, which are shown in preview. What do I do? Since it's a board game, its very ugly without cliparts :(
Thank you in advance,
4 years ago
Hello Marie,
I've just downloaded your ws, & it's the same : pictures are missing...Maybe you could delete your ws, group the pictures, & try uploading again ???? ( Since it's very nice ;-)))
But I'm not sure about it...;-)
4 years ago
Yes, please try uploading again. Let's see if that helps.
4 years ago
I reuploaded it as Office 2003 document and I think it's OK now. Thanks for your help. Reegards
4 years ago
I have tried to upload but when I cllick on Choose a file, nothing happens. Can you help?

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