10 years ago
I am having a hard time of thinking of any idioms that might be useful when talking about one's personal or business background. Any suggestions may be helpful and would be greatly appreciated!

10 years ago
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This is a pretty good site for idioms. You simply put in the word and search. Make sure you click on the "idiom" dictionary folder. I typed in the word business and I got all of these idiom;
about business
be in business
business as usual
Business before pleasure
business end of
business is business
do a land-office business
do a roaring trade
do the business
funny business
get down to business
get nose out of business
go about business
go out of business
have no business doing
How's business?
I'll thank you to mind your own business
in business
in the business of
is in business
keep nose out of business
land-office business
Let's get down to business
like nobody's business
make it business to
mean business
Mind your own business
minding my own business
mix business with pleasure
monkey business
none of your business!
open for business
place of business
Punctuality is the soul of business
strictly business
taking care of business
that's show business
the business end
the business end of

Have fun with it and try any word and it will give you tons of idoms.
Happy new year
10 years ago
Thanks that helps, and happy new year

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