8 years ago
Dearest Colleagues!
First of all I don't know if I have the right to post this message or not if not I do appologize and am ready to remove it but I believe that this site has grwon up beacuse of the great efforts invested by its webmasters and also because of the many authors of Eslprintables who joined the site and make it bigger and well-known.
I just wanna invite my colleagues here to vote for Eslprintables and hope to see Islcollective there soon:
Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012
and for Best Website
ESLprintables is a nominee...
If you feel like THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER....
Please vote here:
My best regards
8 years ago
reply to Mabdel's post #1
Mabdel, I think anyone can follow the link and vote for any site he\she finds useful. There are a lot of links to wonderful sites. I think the link is a great help to anyone here. ESLP is a great site and I think those who like it will vote for it. And others will find a lot of useful links. BTW, I hope to see iSLCollective among the nominees next year))
8 years ago
Well done, Mabdel, iSLC and eslp forever! We are all friends together.

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