8 years ago
hi! wouldn't it be great if there were a powerpoint section in 'teaching material' menu? I sometimes need powerpoint presentations and it is a bit hard for me to find one among other teaching materials. thanks a lot in advance
8 years ago
reply to mobscene123's post #1

yes, it is a good idea. I will try to upload powerpoint files soon in chaa Allah.

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8 years ago
reply to Ammar1986's post #2
thank you ammar but actually what i wanted was a moderation on site, a powerpoint section in 'material type' menu. Hope Peter will read my post too:)
8 years ago
Hi All!
I agree with the PPT section, if ...possible ? That would be great. ( Nb, dear Ammar, I think you shouldn't write your personal address here : THIS IS the Internet ;-)))
If I may, ( or ..can ? ) I'd like to thank a wonderful contributor for his fantastic PPTs ! Dear HERBER, you've become a star for my kids!! :-)
PS : Thank you Peter for your wise decision ( cf grammar point ....)

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