8 years ago
could anyone tell me if they are usefull and advise me where to start, so many to choose from.
8 years ago
reply to kay13's post #1
It all depends on what suject you are going to teach! Don't bace the lesson on the work sheet!!!

8 years ago
I am teaching English to pupils whom speak Portugese,Rumanian and Czech. I thought it might be faster for them to use an electronic dictionary or translator. I plan my lessons and use worksheets as home work to reinforce learning or base the lesson on them only as far as key words using the sheets in many different ways.
8 years ago
Hello Kay, I use this one
There is Portuguese-English dictionary and you can also use English definitions, English simple definitions and English synonyms. Unfortunately I can't help you with Czech and Rumanian. As for translaters, I'm not a big fan of them.
Hope it helps

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