8 years ago
I am researching for a diploma and need to contact people teaching English as a foreign language in nurseries/kindergartens abroad. My research thesis is about teaching English to very young learners in different European(or other countries) kindergartens.
English classes are not compulsory in Polish public kindergartens. Nevertheless, there is a possibility to take extra lessons (English teacher comes to the kindergarten). Parents pay little money for such service. The majority of children take part in it. I work in three public kindergartens teaching kids who are from 3 to 6 years old. They are divided into groups according to their age (10-20 people in one group). We meet twice a week for half an hour. Students are taught basic vocabulary, songs and chants. We, as teachers, do not test the kids anyhow. Once a year parents are invited to see one lesson. I am looking for other teachers who can share their experience and fill in a questionaire so that we can compare different styles or methods, as well as activities used in teaching to preschoolers. You can contact me here or via e-mail address:
[email protected]

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