9 years ago
Good evening, dear teachers. I like this website more and more. I see that there are a lot of experienced teachers from all over the world. Nice to find you here) So, I wanted to ask you, what computer programmes and software do you use to make flashcards, videos and so on. I will be really grateful for some links or just names of them. Thank you for your time! :)

9 years ago
Dear Winterday, Here is a very useful site ( I posted about it not long ago, I think..but I cannot find it! ):
You'll find many softwares - for all kinds of tools ( video, music, audio, etc.. ) I do not know them all, but some are very useful!
I wasn't able to find sites for flashcards or ws, but I'll post the links in another message.
9 years ago
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Oh, thank you sooooo much :)
9 years ago
9 years ago
( last message! ) You'll also find tons of tools here :
It's a French teacher's site ( really great!) There is some French, but most of the links are explained in English. I pasted the page about tools, but if/when you have the time, try to search the site : you'll find great links ( about almost everything!! : Literature, countries, animals, music, etc!)
9 years ago
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wooow, I'm really grateful :)
Thank you very much
9 years ago
Now..Ha! Ha! THIS is the last post! ;-) But i couldn't help posting this site :
to help you make all sorts of minibooks & crafts. It is really great........Kids love it!
9 years ago
reply to liette's post #7
these sites are really useful,thanks a lot for sharing liette!
9 years ago
reply to liette's post #4
that's wornderful !!!
thanks a lot for that all links
9 years ago
Hi, I tutor two girls who are both in 4th grade. I'm looking for resources with content-based material. They have some English, but not a lot. Does anyone have either free websites with good resources or suggestions for books (preferably available on amazon)?
9 years ago
reply to HannahElaine's post #10
you can try http://www.sashavujacic18.com

9 years ago

hi, help me ! how I can download macro media flash free that be suitable for learning process in classroom. thank you

9 years ago
Dear teachers,

It's my pleasure to participate in such a wonderful world of higly-experienced teachers.

I'd like to share some useful links with you.

It's a wonderful website which can be very helpful for you to develop your skills

it's payable website, I'm using it since 1 year.



9 years ago

All products from Adobe are the best in the market - Adobe Photoshop (for flashcards), Adobe Premiere (for videos), Adobe Flash (for cartoons). But Adobe's software is REALLY EXPENSIVE especially for teachers living in not so rich countries. So I prefer using free alternatives such as Giotto to create flash animations for kids. Let me show you my latest animation I created for my kindergarten English lessons with the help of my entire family:

9 years ago

Sorry forgot the video:

9 years ago
i like this pages because help me to teach my student and to find material..big hug to all member was send many useful worksheet
9 years ago
If you're an English instructor, you might like a copy of my ebook.

It's a conversation ebook I wrote to get students to speak in my class.

I'm giving away copies to esl teachers and students at


Hope to get your feedback if you use it with your students.


Paul Hefford
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hi everbody

I'm new in this website, I like it so much, I want to devloop my level in english language can you help me???

thank you in advance
9 years ago
liette: thanks for sharing...those links are very useful :)
9 years ago
reply to chanie's post #25
I kindly invite everyone to my Facebook page English Cracked where I post daily tests on listening, explain vocabulary etc. I hope you will like it. Don't hesitate to add me as your friend.:)
9 years ago
thank you so much pkawalek! if i used facebook,i would definitely follow your page:)
9 years ago
reply to mobscene123's post #27
:) One more thing that i would like to share with you, dear friends, is this site http://www.learnclick.com/members/main. A great and very simple to use website. It allows teachers to create tests, paste audio nad images. The students can solve those interactive tests at home and get instant evaluation. The teacher can also monitor their progress. I strongly believe the creator of this site deserves more credit and your support.. Be sure to like his facebook site and spread the word. It's very hard for creative people to be noticed nowadays.

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