9 years ago
9 years ago
Quite a lot of useful links!
Please remind Disclaimer and Terms of Use!
9 years ago
reply to liette's post #1
Thank you very much!
The sites are very useful!
Happy Ester!

4 years ago

Hello, I am an art teacher. I have been in education for 3 years, mainly helping students learn to draw, sketch, create and design. I also set up my own current teaching courses to help children from different countries learn to paint, including clipart, sketching, hand-painting, and cartoon painting. I often use photo material websites such as:






My own original work was uploaded on some paid platforms. Of course, I will also share some original works for free.

If you think my work is ok, please share it with more people.

Thank you.

3 years ago

new cliparts for Public download below






There are many uses for clip art, designers, education, PPT, decoration, etc. Will use clip art material.

2 years ago

Free PNG cliparts for designers https://www.pngkite.com/soen/clipart/

2 years ago

Free PNG cliparts for designers https://www.pngkite.com/soen/clipart/

1 year ago

Graphic Resources For Free Download https://pngpop.com/pops

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