Please delete my account, username: aboc


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Hi. If I sign up for either a one-time payment or a recurring payment will I get a version that has no advertising? 


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Click on MORE. Then click on EDIT. Then scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find a DELETE button. 

I want to delete my file but the above-mentioned method is not working for me. Why is it so?

Hi. I really appreciate your efforts, and would like to make a donation. However, I'm afraid the payment methods you have don't work for me. I am in China, so is there any way I could send a donation through Alipay or WeChat? Or a Chinese bank account?

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Found! Click on EDIT and you will see a box that allows you to delete. This works for drafts too.

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Trust the site, but here is another option.

4. "Is it safe to pay on your site?"

Yes, it is as safe as it gets. 

5. What is the payment process with PayPal?

The PayPal process You can use this option even if you don’t have a PayPal account, but you want to use your bank card. You need to take three steps: 

  1. You select your Supporting Membership period on the fundraiser page, and click on the Paypal button.
  2. On the next page you have to choose whether you need a detailed invoice or not (if you check in this box, some new fields will show up and you’ll be asked to provide your personal details so we can make out your invoice). There is another checkbox that says “Please publish my name on the public list of supporting members.” If you check in that box, your name will be listed on the list, and the caption "Supporting member" will be shown above your large size avatar.
  3. If you click on the “Pay now” button, you will be redirected to PayPal's secure site to make the payment. There you need to log in to your PayPal account, or if you don’t have one, provide your bank card details. Once your amount arrives to the iSLCollective bank account (it’s typically a matter of max half a minute), your iSLCollective account will be automatically upgraded to a Supporting Member account, and you will no longer see ads on the site.


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According to the FAQ you cannot change your user name. You could re-register under another name. I would write to [email protected] to ask to have your new name reflect past donations.

Dear Sirs,  I love your website and use it frequently.  Thank you! 

I have an old user name which is now incorrect as it was the name of the academy I used to work for.  If I am still to continue donating I would like to change my user name and have my ID reflect the donations I have made in the past.  Would this be possible? Many thanks in advance.

I also would like to comment on the ability to save videos under certain grammatical areas not always evident in the brief descriptions, a bit like in Youtube where you can make your own saved videos folder names to go to regularly.  Could that be a possibility for the future?

Yours sincerely, Emma Glen

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