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  • By serene
    This is a worksheet to revise personality adjectives (ambitious, arrogant, generous, etc.). It contains a crossword and a gap fill exercise for extra practice. Answer Key and B & W copy provided.

  • By serene
    (2 pages) This worksheet is based on a short NBC News video about Steve Jobs´ life. It contains a gap-fill exercise, a vocabulary matching exercise and a reading comprehension exercise where students are asked to fill in the key dates in the timeline of Steve Jobs´ life.

  • By serene
    (2 pages + B & W copy + Answer Key) I always look out for interesting authentic texts for my students to practise grammar points in a natural meaningful context. This worksheet, which is based on a BBC news article, contains a True / False comprehension exercise, a crossword puzzle, two exercises on passive voice, a cloze test to practise articles and a roleplay task.

  • By serene
    I prepared this worksheet on the song Grenade by Bruno Mars, at the request of my students. It contains a variety of listening tasks (fill in the blanks, put the lines in the correct order, correct the mistakes), a vocabulary exercise, a grammar exercise on second conditional, and a set of comprehension questions. Printer-friendly version and Answer Key provided.

  • By serene
    (with Answer Key) This worksheet is based on the song The Show Must Go On by British rock band Queen. Before listening, the students are given a number of words from the lyrics and are asked to rewrite them in rhyming pairs. Then they try to complete the lyrics using these rhyming pairs. They listen to the song and check their answers. Finally, they do a vocabulary matching exercise so that they can understand the lyrics better. I have also inclu...

  • By serene
    This worksheet is based on the video of Steve Jobs´ Stanford Commencement Address (2005). On the first page there is a set of comprehension questions for the students to discuss after watching the video. On the second page there is a brief but clear explanation of the third conditional for the students to read before they complete a number of conditional sentences about Steve Jobs´ life.

  • By serene
    A worksheet to revise some weather vocabulary (blizzard, hurricane, drought etc). It contains a crossword puzzle and a gap-fill exercise.

  • By serene
    This is a set of comprehension questions based on a short (14 min) extract from a CBS 60 Minutes TV show video. The links to the video and its transcript as well as an Answer Key are provided. Besides the interview of Colin Firth, the video presents very interesting information about the real story behind the movie as well as some historical footage of the actual king´s speech at the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The worksheet is completely e...

  • By serene
    I used this special edition of CNN Student News (10 min) video as the basis for a class discussion about the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last Friday. The worksheet contains a set of comprehension questions, the links to the video and its transcript, as well as an Answer Key. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Japanese people who are suffering from this terrible disaster.

  • By serene
    I´ve used this video (Richard St. John´s 8 secrets of success) as a supplement to a coursebook unit on the topic of success. This worksheet contains the exercises I prepared for my students. 1. The students have to listen for the 8 secrets of success and write the words in the spaces provided. 2. They fill in the gaps with the missing words 3. They match the people with their occupations.

  • By serene
    This is a reading comprehension worksheet. The exercises are based on an article taken from CBBC Newsround. There is a pre-reading activity, a gap-fill grammar exercise on the past tenses, a true / false comprehension exercise, a vocabulary matching exercise and a roleplay activity. B&W version and Answer Key are included.

  • By serene
    This worksheet is based on a short video about the Christchurch quake in Feb 2011. It contains a set of comprehension questions, a gap-filling exercise and a vocabulary exercise. I've used Real Player to download and save the video on my PC. Here is the link:


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