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Supporting member Hrym Real name: Jose
Self introduction: An English Teacher from Spain looking for ideas, sharing his own, not much else to tell. Wow, i never thought so many people would downloadd my worksheets, thanks :D
Teaching philosophy: Do always as much as you can and feel confortable knowing that you did your best.

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Received Downloads: 48424
Received Likes: 589

Last login: 2015-06-29 21:07:57

Personal Information:
Huercal-Overa (Almeria) 
Music, Cinema, Books, Videogames... 
Favorite music:
A little bit of everything 
Favorite movies:
Action, Terror and Science Fiction movies 
TV shows:
Favorite books:
Science Fiction, Epic novels. 
Favorite teaching quotes:
- There are two types of education; the one that
prepares yourself for a job and the one that prepares
you for living.(Antony Di Melo)

- Educate in respect and equality is to educate against
violence(Benjamin Franklin)

- Teaching is a project for inmortality(Ruben Alves)

- One thing is knowledge, and another thing is to know
how to teach thanks to it.(Marco Tulio Ciceroni)

- It´s totally despicable the spiritual avarice that have
all of those, that having knowledge, being wise, do
not transmit all of this.(Miguel de Unamuno) 
Favorite teachers' books:
Lynne, C. "Teaching Languages to Young Learners" Cambridge University Press, 2001
Alburquerque, R. "En el aula de Inglés", Longman, Lond, 1990 
Favorite teachers' movies:

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